#SHIFT Happens

When God is preparing to shift you, he will make it look like there is no one standing in your corner only for you to realize that 
separation from the familiar is necessary to reach the unfamiliar. 




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My prayer is that each person who invest in this tool, will be empowered to become their BEST self. Each day lends us the opportunity to learn more and reach further than the day before. Let God saturate your ground so that you can produce more! Allow the spiritual rain to fall upon your heart, mind, and soul. It's time to produce the harvest that the world's been waiting on.

And Here I  Stand
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This book contains heartfelt stories from 11 contributing authors. From trial to Triumph, from victim to Victor, and from obstacles to Overcoming! The book will encourage you to keep going no matter what you may be facing.  My chapter, “Born Not Kicking...a Dream Deferred” will encourage you to carry dream again!  Allow this book to get you back up on your feet! And Here I Stand!

Who am I?

Jennifer was born to Archie and Joyce Shurn in South Bend Indiana. Her parents provided a safe Christian home environment to help her grow and thrive. She has 9 siblings (6 sisters and 3 brothers) whom she loves and enjoys spending time. Jennifer began her relationship with God at 12 years of age; although not perfect, she strived to make her life one of purpose. 


After high school, she began her college career at Kentucky State University, a Historically Black College and University in Frankfort KY where she was named and featured in Ebony Magazine as Miss Kentucky State University in 1998. 


After completing her Bachelor’s degree In Biology at Kentucky State University, she moved back to Indiana where she obtained her Masters of Public Health degree with a concentration in Behavioral Health at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis. She has spent the majority of her professional years serving pregnant and parenting women in various roles through the Marion County Public Health Department. 


In 2007, she married Dedrick O. Murphy Sr. and began an exciting journey. In 2009, she and her husband co-founded a not-for-profit called Murphy Mentoring Group, Inc. The community-based social service organization provides life and social skill development to children, youth, and families in Marion and surrounding counties and in the northern part of Indiana. 


Her biggest accolades to date are being a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful daughters (Haley, Hannah, and Harper) and 1 handsome son (Dedrick O. Murphy Jr “DJ”). She is a very passionate individual who enjoys serving her family, friends, and those within her community. She has served in various capacities of ministry and now serves in ministry as an intercessor at Living Water Fellowship Church where she has served many years as a leader on the early morning prayer call. She loves volunteering at her children’s schools and giving her children tools to become kingdom-minded.

Her life’s mission is to empower those who come in contact with her to fulfill their purpose and excel beyond any barriers that may stand in the way. She works hard, and she enjoys liturgical dance, writing, reading, teaching, mentoring, speaking, shopping, and spending time in God’s presence and of course eating “good food”.